Sao Paulo is so cool

Why haven’t I come here before?  This place lives and breathes cool.  Although it lacks the raw edginess and beauty of rio, it is so sophisticated and cool here.  And there are so many people here.

There’s arte, design, and fashion in spades.  The food and nightlife is awsome.

And the women are OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful.  I think I said to my friend Drew “Sorry, what did you say?” about 20 times last night over dinner as I was that distracted.

There’s even a bit of adventure, with a city wide black out all last night.  Let me tell you a taxi ride home in Sao Paulo in the middle of the night with no stop lights or street lights working is an experience.  I was joking with the taxi driver that he should get a success fee or a danger bonus for making it back to my hotel.

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