Poco o nada. Pretty straight forward, no?

I’m in Santiago now and roaming the streets.  I love having a good roam when I get somewhere new (not in a B-52 way though – was never keen on that song), and will walk ’til I’m exhausted.  I must say that Santiago is much better than I remember.  I must have been in a bad mood when I first came here a couple of years back.

That said I am back in a very bad mood again after I decided it was time to risk having a haircut here and I cannot begin to tell you how pissed off I am now.

I asked the owner of the hotel (Happy House – truly that is the name) I’m staying in to recommend a good place and he assured me that the place he suggested was very good.  I said that I was prepared to pay for the best and again he assured me that it would be OK.

I went in with a photo of a haircut from the past and was very clear in spanish that I wanted a trim and no more.  Little or none off here and here, perhaps 2 centimetres off at the back but no more.  Less than 10 seconds later and a significant amount of hair was missing from the side of my head.  I scream at the guy to stop and he looks all shocked.  What don’t you understand about little or none I say to him.  But you said you wanted a haircut he says to me.  Dickhead.

So I now have a haircut nothing like the photo I brought in.  Neither long nor short.  And as for the owner of Happy House, he ain’t gonna be so happy when I speak to him.


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