Broken Toes and boats on fire…

Climbing rocky hills in havaianas is not a very wise move at the best of times and I am happy to admit that wisdom is lacking on my part right now.  After a fall climbing up Cerro Calvario in Copacbana, I now have one broken big toe and two very badly bruised toes on the other foot.  The climb up is marked by the stations of the cross representing Christ’s journey to crucifixion, so you could say I’m feeling a little closer to god right now. And the perfect preparation for two days of hiking (I mean hobbling) to and around Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca.

In spite of the pain, I have to say that both Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca are both absolutely stunning.  I would happily walk again on my injured feet to see this, it really was that good.

And after starting so well, we finished in the same manner.  The little motor boat that took us back to Copacobana broke down just short of Copacabana, drifting towards the rocks while the guy driving the boat had his head in the outboard mumbling “No hay” (Not there) to himself.  We only just got the anchor down in time before we hit the rocks.  With another boat on fire off in the (far) distance, I was wondering how long I could tread water with my day bag above my head.

After fiddling with every bit of the outboard motor our man struck upon the right bit at last and we make it back safe and dry.

Off to La Paz now to rest those sore toes…

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